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Los Angeles, JUNE 24, 2016 – China Enterta
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International Cultural Exchange Events

2008:  Organizing the overseas exhibition of Suzhou embroidery works, including editing the description of embroidery exhibits and techniques and recommending the exhibition to foreign museums

2009:  Developing plans, draft texts and shooting videos for the performances and exhibitions hosted by Qinghai Provincial Government and publishing essays about these events on the China & World Cultural Exchange magazine

2009:  Organizing publicity events, shooting videos and writing essays for the promotion of the 1st Ningxia International Cultural Industry Exposition and publishing essays about the expo on the China & World Cultural Exchange magazine

2009 – 2010:  Planning and organizing the annual session of China Beijing French-Speaking Countries Community, which was attended by ambassadors and diplomatic envoys from some 50 embassies in Beijing

2010:  Establishing partnership with Hungarian Embassy to China, publishing essays introducing Chinese entrepreneurs, artists and celebrities on the World and China magazine, and developing advertising cooperation and organizing cooperation projects among twin-sister cities between China and Hungary

2011 – 2013:  As the exclusive advertising agency for Beijing Wuyutai Tea Co., Ltd., organizing Wuyutai’s advertising service at CCTV and CNTV Olympic Games broadcasting programs, including ad planning and production, and arranging CCTV’s exclusive interview with Wuyutai’s General Manager during the annual Two Sessions (CPC and CPPCC sessions)


2012:  Co-planning and organizing the 2nd EU-China Fine Arts Exhibition and Competition for Children, in partnership with the World and China magazine

2013:  Organizing an exclusive interview Mr. Declan Kelleher, then Irish Ambassador who was about to finish his term in China and assume the post as Irish Ambassador to EU and publishing the interview essay on the China & World Cultural Exchange magazine (both Chinese and English editions) which was distributed to the EU headquarters

2014:  Establishing strategic partnership on China-US cultural exchanges with Bald Eagle Entertainment Group Inc. and China-US Cultural Exchange Center (USA)










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