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Los Angeles, JUNE 24, 2016 – China Enterta
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From :Beijing Kangpute Cultural Development Company

Los Angeles, JUNE 24, 2016 – China Entertainment, LLC, a leading entertainment company based in both China and the U.S., has signed an exclusive deal for the worldwide distribution rights to the sixty-part documentary Charm of China, with the Beijing Kangpute Cultural Development Company.Charm of China will be the first Chinese documentary to offer an all-encompassing look into the cultural customs of China’s national minorities. It will be divided into three seasons with each season consisting of twenty episodes, and each episode running for thirty minutes. Charm of China will cover the most common and valued cultural aspects, including customs and religions for each minority group. It will show viewers more than just the landscape and lifestyle of China; it will highlight the history and the struggle of China’s minority groups.

The documentary will be introduced to the US marketplace during the launch event at the United Nations, in New York City, at 6:00p on June 28, 2016, and hosted by the American Chinese Cultural Exchange Center and Beijing Kangpute Cultural Development Company.

About China Entertainment LLC.

China Entertainment is a Sino-US business, a new media production and marketing company with headquarters in Los Angeles and Beijing, and was founded by Sting Jung, Chief Marketing Officer of CCTV Creative Media, who is based in Beijing, and Coca Xie, an Entertainment Journalist and Producer, who is based in Los Angeles. China Entertainment has collaborated with many organizations including CCTV, Youku, and Wanda, and participated in such events as the Miss World Pageant and the Davos Forum.

China Entertainment’s goal is to bridge the cultural divide between China and the US and is dedicated to promoting further collaboration between the two countries, by producing and distributing original entertainment programming and live video events, allowing consumers to access the entertainment in both China and the U.S. by using the latest technology.

China Entertainment’s first US production, Hollywood Holler, a weekly English language celebrity based talk show, goes into production in Los Angeles in July and will be distributed in China in September 2016

Coca Xie, CEO

China Entertainment (917) 712-0646


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